Emma Stone Confesses That She Smells Like A Clam-Bake, Only Makes Her More Lovable

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While I can't pinpoint exactly what kind of sorcery Emma Stone studied during her elementary school years, I can confidentially say that she learned her craft well. No matter what she says or what she does, I just fall more in love with her.

Take this latest story for example from an interview she recently did with Allure to promote her upcoming movie Gangster Squad:

 ”The weird thing is, I think there's something off about my PH because things smell totally different on me. When you stay at a Four Seasons hotel they have all this Bvlgari stuff and if I use the body wash I smell like pot the rest of the day. It makes no sense. It mixes with my chemistry and I just smell like I have clam-baked all day.”

If anyone else in the world approached me and told me they smelled like a clam-bake, I'd be like, “one, who are you? Two, ew! Three, gross!”

But Emma Stone says it and I'm all, “OMG, she's so wonderfully candid that I want to befriend her in real life and friend her on Facebook.”

There's just something about her honesty in interviews that's so refreshing. As someone who professionally reads approximately 1400 celebrity interviews every day, I can say that they all start to sound the same. So many answers sound perfectly crafted and so many anecdotes are conveniently filled with one poignant moment that makes them seem human. You know, the one quote where they poke fun at something they did, but still end up complimenting themselves.

But no so with Emma Stone. I never would have seen this clam-bake comment coming. Mostly because that's not something people usually say about themselves. But that's what makes Emma so great. She's a real, live unpredictable human being.

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