Great News For Emma Stone Fans: You Both Dressed Horribly In High School

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Emma_Stone_Marie_Claire_Australia_May_CoverIn a new interview with Marie Claire Australia Emma Stone reveals that she used to dress like she lived in the '60s as a teenager. Which makes approximately 0 sense since she grew up in the '00s. But I'm totally cool with her fashion taste because it means we both dressed horribly in high school. It's just one more thing we have in common! The first thing, of course being, that we'd both be cool spending a night making out with Andrew Garfield.

She tells Marie Claire that it wasn't even just the '60s she got into, but specifically 1968. A year that all too often escapes my memory. I'm always making punny jokes about '67, cultural references about '69, but nothing about '68. (Note to self: fix that stat!)

 “I wasn’t into the fashion world. I just tried to dress like I was in different parts of the ‘60s, throughout my teenage years. There was about a year where I dressed like I was in 1968 – bohemian. I burned a lot of incense. I had a poster of John Lennon in my room. And then it went into a little bit more Mod ‘60s and I was wearing a lot of black and white.”

As excited as I am to read this quote from Emma, I do have to acknowledge that there's a good chance she pulled off 1968 better than I pulled off American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister – my three go-to brands in high school. Because if you weren't wearing an outfit with some kind of animal patch on it, you weren't even close to being cool. Sure, sure, sure, that meant everyone had the same 5 outfits and sure that meant I occasionally walked into a public place with a popped collar, but everyone was doing it back in the '00s.

At least Emma can probably look back at photos and find herself in them. It's a little harder for me when I'm looking at a group photo and trying to figure out which 10th-grader in a nonsensical graphic t-shirt is me. (And oh, the nonsensical graphic t-shirts that I owned!) I think the best thing we can take from this interview — besides the knowledge that you and Emma Stone both made regrettable fashion choices way back when — is that the best way to ever start a conversation with Emma Stone is to bring up '68. It's a surefire way to get her attention.