Live, Laugh, Links: In Which I Insult Emma Stone’s Fashion Sense

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Did you know you don't have to say yes to every date you're asked on? Mind. Blown. (The College Crush)

• No offense, Emma Stone, but this dress sorta makes you look like a bat caught in a net. It's not mean if I say ‘no offense', right? (The Frisky)

• How to tell if you're the most successful of your friends without leaving the comfort of your own luxury yacht. (OK Gorgeous)

Kate Middleton premiered her baby bump, so I guess she really is serious about this whole ‘being married to Prince William' thing. (College Candy)

• Don't be fooled by labels, guys. (Money Crashers)

• So turns out Cosmo‘s hot sex tips aren't good for maintaining healthy relationships. Next you'll be telling me that looking at supermodels isn't good for my self-esteem. (Ladyish)

• What to do when you suspect him of cheating. (Your Tango)

• A step-by-step guide to loving your labes. And yes, I just abbreviated ‘labia'. We're so in love that we're on a first-name basis. (Gurl)

• Some real-life looks inspired by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. (Betty Confidential)