Crushable Quotable: People Mistake War Horse’s Emily Watson For Harry Potter Star Emma Watson

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Crushable Quotable  People Mistake War Horse s Emily Watson For Harry Potter Star Emma Watson emily watson jpgWhat do Emily Watson and Ryan Gosling have in common? Both get mistaken for other celebrities! For Ryan it makes some sense that fans confuse him with Ryan Reynolds, but in a recent interview Emily explained that, astonishingly, a lot of people think she’s Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

(I was about to write about how this was ironic considering that Emily always plays the quiet-wife character in movies like Match Point… only to realize that I’m thinking of Emily Mortimer. So really this woman is a chameleon, if she can be mistaken for at least two other actresses.)

Indeed, if you Google “Emily Watson,” one of the first auto-results is “Emily Watson Hermione”; people are easily fooled by similar-sounding names. When the Moviefone interviewer brings it up while talking to Emily about her new film War Horse — in which she plays the mother of the boy (Jeremy Irvine) who follows his horse onto the battlefield — it seems as if he’s just kidding, only for Emily to totally validate the question:

Has anyone ever said to you, “I loved you in Harry Potter“?
All of the time.

Yes. [Laughs] It’s hilarious. I just made a film in Mexico, so there’s a bit of a language barrier. I’m in the lunchroom that the film studio is in — it’s a big studio, it’s where [JamesCameron made Titanic. I’m in the lunchroom and these ladies, I don’t know if they’re part of the catering, come up to me and say, “Are you in the movies? What is your name? I know I know you from somewhere.” I say, “I’m Emily Watson.” “Ahh! Great job in Harry Potter!” I’m like, “Oh, OK, thank you!”

Do you ever say, “No, no, I’m the one with the Oscar nominations”? 
[Laughs] No. I’m quite flattered that people think I’m 21.

No word yet on how Burberry model and fashion inspiration Emma Watson feels that people mistake her with a 45-year-old who’s starred in Synecdoche, New York and Corpse Bride.