18 Embarrassing Beauty Mistakes Every Child of the ’90s is Guilty Of

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There isn't a '90s kid out there who hasn't felt at least a degree of regret regarding their previous beauty and fashion choices. The Noughties – the decade in which we endured the majority of our teen years – is infamous for having some of the worst and weirdest trends we've ever seen. Being impressionable teens who just wanted to look ~cool~, we, of course, tried all of them. We'd show you the pictures, but we probably burned them when we hit our twenties.

As well as being pretty awful, the beauty mistakes and missteps of this era are unfortunately very memorable. It was a time in which nobody wore the correct foundation shade and the magical technique we call ‘blending' hadn't yet been discovered. We had no idea how to make our looks subtle or understated: everything was brash and in-your-face. And then there are the eyebrows. We did such terrible things to our eyebrows.

How many of these embarrassing beauty mistakes did you make in your younger years? Prepare to be totally mortified…