Elyse Porterfield, aka ‘Jenny DryErase,’ Is Now Internet Famous

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Internet memes can make you Internet famous overnight – just ask Jenny Dry Erase, the charismatic subject of a hoax created by the website TheChive. And now, Jenny has revealed her true identity: Her real name is Elyse Porterfield and she is a 22-year-old aspiring actress. She is also really cool. Lemondrop snagged an interview with Elyse, who says she “had no idea that it was going to become this big.” She also describes her best “telling-someone-off story,” which entails punching someone in the face.

An excerpt, below!

What's your best telling-someone-off story?
It's definitely the only time I've ever hit somebody — and he was a guy. We were in high school and he was making fun of my boyfriend saying he was gay. I told him to stop, and he wouldn't. So I hit him in the face.

Damn, you were the right girl for this part. How did your boyfriend react?
I never told him. He never found out.

Classy. So have you heard about this Facebook group, 100 million Strong for Jenny Dry Erase to Pose in Playboy?
I most certainly did. I'm so entertained.

What do you think is a better career booster, this or Playboy?

Probably this. I don't think that would be the right way to go. I would only do Playboy if they let me be fully clothed.

Why do you think the character of Jenny DryErase resonated with so many women?
I think every woman knows what it feels like to be thought of as a piece of ass. I don't care who you are, everybody does. It's really hard for girls to face that, so when they see somebody who's brave enough to stand up to it, they can relate to that. It's inspiring…

So, what's next for you? Is Hollywood calling?
I have no idea, not as of yet. I haven't had have time to sift through emails. But on Facebook, I had about 400 friends, and now I have 3400.

Read more of Lemondrop's interview with Jenny/Elyse right here! Also! Question! Given the chance, would YOU be part of such an elaborate Internet hoax? How could your friends not bust you out? (We'd be like, hey, that's not Jenny! That's Elyse!). But that's just us.