If You Don’t Love Watching Elf Recreated By Pugs, You’re Soulless

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Elf recreated by pugs Pet Collective December 2013

Elf is a Christmas classic that will never ever get old. It's probably the only Will Ferrell movie I can stand to watch more than once. I thought there was no way anyone could improve upon it, but clearly I wasn't thinking straight, otherwise I would have realized that you can improve upon anything in the world by recreating it with cute animals. Seriously, let's get the kitten reenactment of The Sound of Music Live going right away, Internet. I expected more from you by now.

I guarantee you will smile through most of The Pet Collective's pug puppy version of Elf. That is, unless smiling just isn't your favorite. Let me give you a little set-up for this video. It features adorable pugs in adorable costumes on adorable homemade sets doing adorable things while an adorable child with an adorable voice narrates the action. Also it's adorable, in case I hadn't made that clear enough yet.

They even went to the trouble of making sure the video is as accurate as possible by casting a tiny baby pug to play baby Buddy and an older pug to play older Buddy. They also made sure Papa Elf is smaller than Buddy, like he is in the movie. And don't worry, the video features all your favorite Buddy the Elf lines, from “You sit on a throne of lies!” to “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” I vote we have that saying changed to read, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is watching pug puppies in silly costumes reenact your favorite Christmas movie.”

In case you're in the mood to spend the rest of your day “aww”-ing at your computer screen, The Pet Collective has also done other animal parodies, including the pug version of Home Alone, another endlessly rewatchable Christmas classic. I think I've discovered the reason for the season, and it's staring at puppies all day.

(via Buzzfeed)