Questionable Choices: Onesies Are The New Three-Piece Suits, According To Ed Westwick And Chuck Bass

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Questionable Choices  Onesies Are The New Three Piece Suits  According To Ed Westwick And Chuck Bass wenn4015233 640x960 jpg

I know that sometimes when we see set photos from Gossip Girl filming in New York City, we’ll catch glimpses of the stars wrapped in ugly jackets while not shooting. But that’s usually in subzero winter conditions, and it’s always Leighton Meester or Blake Lively. So I don’t know how I’m supposed to wrap my head around Ed Westwick nonchalantly strolling — nay, basically channeling Strutting Leo — down the street in a weird sweatsuit onesie and (gasp!) flip flops.

What the hell could he be thinking? I know that Ed’s style doesn’t really match up with his character Chuck Bass, he of the charcoal-gray suits. (Really, he was Christian Grey before we’d even started equating Twilight with BDSM.) But even the actor’s shabby-chic style is better than this One Piece Slim Fit leisure suit. Especially considering that the company describes itself like this: “In 2007 three hung-over Norwegians had the idea to sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, connecting the two with a giant zipper to create the ORIGINAL One Piece.” The flip flops, patch of chest hair, and Ed chewing on his earbuds really don’t improve the overall picture.

Really the only possibility we can entertain is that this is actually a costume and not the kind of fashion choice that would have a stylist fired in two snaps. Last season, Chuck actually sported a red version of the One Piece suit after a workout with Nate (Chace Crawford). So maybe this is the show’s way of poking fun at itself. I know—a meta Gossip Girl is a scary thought.

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