17 Differences Between Life in Your Early Twenties & Late Twenties

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When it comes to your twenties, it just might be the most formative decade of your life. Let's face it, your life is wildly different when you're 20 compared to when you're 29. Growing up is both exciting and difficult and your twenties teach you that there 100% is such thing as something being “the best of times and the worst of times.” There's a lot going on and most of it is out of your control.

As millennials, we've come to age in a time where truly making the transition from young-adult to full-fledged adult is harder than ever. There's that slow transition from college to the real world, and from getting your parents help with basically everything to living truly independently. Usually, this shift happens in your twenties which makes the vast difference from the early years to the later ones more blatant than ever.

Here are some of the greatest differences in life from your early twenties versus your late twenties. You're in for a wild ride.

1. Drinking

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In your early twenties, you only had a handful of really bad hangovers. You were up and ready to go on four hours of drunken sleep. It was a talent really.
But then your late twenties came along and kicked your ass. Being hungover for three days straight after one night of moderate drinking is so not cool. And not incredibly worth it. Especially with this job you're supposed to go to every day on time.