The Precocious Talking E-Trade Commercial Baby Is All Grown Up In Real Life

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You can't watch TV these days without seeing that precocious E-Trade baby talking stocks and numbers and investment advice. It's like, “stop it talking baby, I just want to watch the crazy hijinks on Modern Family this week. I don't want your condescending finanical tips. ”

But being the ballsy baby that he is, he never stops. He just keeps creating more and more commercials. Yes, it's impressive to watch a baby talk so eloquently about something more than strained vegetables and the benefits of breastfeeding. However at some point he's got to stop, get away from the camera and I don't know, LEARN TO WALK!

Luckily the actor playing the original precocious baby from 2008-2010 did get away from the camera and learn to walk. That's because he's like a real person now.

Well real person might be a stretch, I would guesstimate from this photo that he's around 5 to 6 years of age. Reddiotr Whatajustin found this new photo of the little guy and he looks pretty happy for a child forced to give adults financial tips before he could walk.

And now that he's a little bit older, I'm much more willing to consider taking stock advice from him. I'm also willing to bet that he has quite the nice stock portfolio set up for himself after starring on those commercials for so long.

Unless of course he has classic stage parents who stole all his money. In that case, let's assume he'll return to TV as a precocious elementary schooler on a CBS sitcom any day now.