Drinks With McNuggetini Creators Alie And Georgia

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It all started with a McNuggetini — the vodka, milkshake and chicken nugget cocktail that swept an Internet. Best friends Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark concocted the fast food bev then shot a video, and the web took note.

Now the Los Angeles women have a brand series on Food2 called “Drinks With Alie & Georgia.” The first episode premiered yesterday – in it, the girls teach us how to make a cocktail called the “Peanut Butter and Jealous” while wearing their signature retro dresses. The series, directed by L.A. up-and-comer Peter Atencio, will run 12 eps en total, and is something the girls described to us as “a dream come true.”

What future drinks can we expect from the ladies? Come Thanksgiving we’ll be able to make the “Shoot a Wild Turkey,” based on “the yam and marshmallow dish everybody loves at Thanksgiving.” And a holiday special on The Cooking Channel will give us recipes for a “Meshugganah Macaroon” and a liquid fruitcake concoction. Alie and Georgia also have a cookbook in the works and more projects on the horizon.

And what do the gals – who met at an L.A. dive bar — drink when they’re away from their own well-stocked liquor cabinets? Georgia’s partial to a nice beer or a glass of whiskey on the rocks, while Alie’s standby is a vanilla vodka soda garnished with a cherry. And maybe a slab of beef or two.