I’m Pleased To Inform You That Drew Barrymore’s Daughters Are Adorable

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Drew Barrymore staring GIF(via)

I have some really good news, guys. I know usually toddlers and babies are total gremlins who are terrible to look upon, but we now have photo proof that Drew Barrymore‘s kids are the exception to the rule.

I'm kidding of course, as babies are notoriously the cutest things ever. In fact, I spend approximately 100% of my time gazing at the posts that my Facebook friends put up of their wee dumplings…and then pressing ‘like' and then unliking it just so I can like it again. Guys, this is my reality. If you're putting baby pictures online, just be aware that that's what's going on with me.

I'm talking to you, Drew — do you have any idea how cute your little babies Olive and Frankie are? Frankie is only one month old, but this is already the second time we've seen her, because she made her debut on the cover of People. And I think Olive got that same pomp and circumstance when she made her big reveal, but I also feel like we haven't really seen her since. Which is why I was so delighted to catch a little glimpse-y of the both of them in this photo that Drew put up:

Is it just me, or did it just get pretty adorable in here? The point of the photo is to promote the Game Of Thrones t-shirt that Drew is wearing, the sales of which go to helping foster kids in LA find employment, and using her wee babes as bookends is a dirty and very effective trick. Guhhhh just look at those big old eyes and those cheeks! I wanna squeeze 'em! Please put up a photo like this every day, Drew, Jessica Simpson-style.