Drawing Between The Lines: Jason Woliner’s Four Loko Party

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Hello Crushable! Today we're proud to launch a new feature called Drawing Between The Lines. Because some great celebrity stories don't come with pictures, we're filling in the blanks for you. Today, artist Jessica Wassil has created a pretty amazing illustration of Jason Woliner‘s now infamous Four Loko party. (click on the photo above to see it in all its glory)

This past weekend, Human Giant director and Judd Apatow collaborator Woliner essentially bought up all of the remaining Four Loko cans in Los Angeles to entice his friends to come over. And it worked.  People like Michael Penn, Lake Bell, Paul Scheer were all in attendance.

If that wasn't enough to make us jealous, singer Aimee Mann was busy twittering the whole affair:

Best party ever? Possibly. Worst hangovers ever? Most likely.

For more of Jessica's illustrations, check out her awesome blog YelpYack.