16 Awesome Things To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

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Moving into your first dorm can be overwhelming. Often times, the rooms are less than exciting and feature gray walls, fluorescent lights, and linoleum floors. Plus, it can be hard to begin listing all the things you need to make a room your home for an entire year! Usually your dorm begins to function like a complete apartment just in a lot less space. It's the place where you'll sleep, eat, party, study and make endless memories.

If the thought of decorating your dorm room has you feeling a little jittery, we've got your back. Here are 16 cute and functional things you can buy to make your dorm really start to feel like your happy place.

1. These twinkly photo hangers

Everyone knows the two most important things to have in a dorm room are twinkle lights and walls full of photos. Kill two birds with one stone with these super cheap, LED lights. These are easy to hang up and are battery-powered so you don’t have to worry about pesky extension cords. You’ll be able to add some warm light to your new dorm and preserve some of your fav memories from home.

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