Dog Logic Is A Meme’s Best Friend

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Personally, we can't make heads or tails of Dog Logic.

You come home. You open the door. Your dog is freaking out. Pretty standard scenarios…now don't you wish you knew why? Why did Fido poop in every carpeted room but avoid the bathroom? Why did Molly eat all the tinfoil out of the recycling? Why did Patricia hump the mailman's leg? Alternately, why did you name your dog ‘Patricia'? That's a stupid name for a dog.

See, the fact is, dogs are complex creatures who are notoriously difficult to read and understand. (No they aren't.) Their moods (happy/sad) and desires (hungry/guilty) are as multifaceted and ephemeral as light glinting off an emerald. (False.) We may never know why dogs do the things that they do. (Because they are dogs.)

But wait! Today and today only, the world of the internet is providing us with a brief and tantalizing look into a dog's brain with Dog Logic, the newest meme. So go ahead. Educate yourself in the gallery of some of our favorites.

Oh and quit eating all the cat food.