Does Kim Kardashian Sweat? I’m Guessing Not Based On This Outfit

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Does Kim Kardashian Sweat  I m Guessing Not Based On This Outfit GettyImages 487289782 jpg

So I’m officially convinced that Kim Kardashian is some sort of vampire (and no, not because of her ~all black everything~ ensemble). In case you live in some other part of the world, today in New York, where Kim was photographed, it’s 93 degrees (my phone told me at one point today it “feels like” 108 though, which makes me “feel like” murdering someone). It’s hot as balls and yet Kim’s snapped on the street wearing a velvet pencil skirt, paired with a velvet blazer, and leather leggings, with open-toed booties.

I have a few questions, mainly: HOW? and WHY?! It’s hot. REALLY hot. I know Kim has a penchant for wearing weather-inappropriate outfits in the past (when she was pregnant with North, she famously wore long coats in 80+ degree weather) so I think she has to be some kind of medical marvel and scientists should study her. Because when she’s pregnant in the summer, she clearly does the opposite of every other pregnant woman, which is sweat a lot.

Kim’s top is sheer, though, so perhaps it’s giving her enough ventilation to not sweat to death? Her toes are exposed so perhaps all her heat is exiting through her feet? No. I’ve spent too much time trying to figure this out and I’m just convinced she’s a vampire or some kind of oddity of modern science.

Does Kim Kardashian Sweat  I m Guessing Not Based On This Outfit GettyImages 487289814 jpg

(Photos: Raymond Hall/Getty Images)