Does Kate Middleton Have the Power to Bring Back Pantyhose?

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Once shunned from the fashion world, nude tights are making their way back. That’s all in thanks to crusaders for the cause like Kate and Pippa Middleton. It comes as no surprise that sheer hose are a hot topic since the sisters made the royal endorsement. But would you wear them?

Despite falling into the category of things we fashion girls just don’t do, we have to acknowledge the obvious upsides of sheer tights. They effectively even out your skin tone. From afar, no one can really tell that you’re wearing them. Plus, they provide some security for that awkward period in between the dead of winter and spring when you’re not quite prepared for the wardrobe shift.

If you do find yourself feeling the urge to go faux bare, the Donna Karan nudes collection gets our vote. They’re extra thin and you’d be hard pressed to find a pair that achieves the “barely there” look better than these. “We [take] a cosmetic approach to legwear so that the skintones looked natural, but enhanced,” Cathy Volker, executive vice president of global licensing at Donna Karan, told us. The collection also happened to be a favorite of another royal, the late princess Diana. And Rita Wilson who recently wore hers to an event at Buckingham Palace, where she was quoted as saying “I am almost compelled to lift my skirt and shout, Donna Karan! Donna Karan! Nude to waist!”

All of this clamoring is having us rethink our stance. Are you willing to join in on this unexpected fashion comeback?

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