‘DO GLUE GET YOU HIGH?’ and Other Teen Drug Questions, Answered

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The best thing going on on the Internet right now: Researchers from the National Institute of Drug Abuse are answering high schoolers questions on a public chat board. It's really informative actually, but reminds us exactly how stupid and ill-informed we were about drugs back in high school. Also, it's hysterical, watching people with PhDs in drug research try to answer questions that you'd usually find on Yahoo message boards. Our favorite questions and answers below:

Sunshine, kittens, and meth scabs:

wonder women – Crossroads Academy, Georgia: is it true that when meth heads aint got money to make meth they eat ther on scabs to get the taste of methin there system ??

Dr. Steve Grant: EWWWW!!! I've not heard of that before, but it doesn't make any sense to me. Meth makes people pick at their skin a lot, so they end up with a lot of scabs. Here is a blog we did about it (caution–it's a little gross): Meth also impairs the condition of the skin, so skin takes longer to heal. But scabs would contain little or no meth, so I seriously doubt that anyone would get high from eating scabs. OMG, I have got to get that image out of my head….gotta stop writing now and start thinking of sunshine and kittens.

Jesus and Weed:

Ilovejesus – Rockville HS, Maryland: What does religon say about drug use, especially jesus?

Dr. Nancy Pilotte: This calls for a lot of speculation. I am not sure if many of the naturally-derived drugs that we see today, like cocaine or morphine, were actually used as medications in biblical times. But Jesus DID change water into wine at the wedding at Cana…and his mother asked him to do it.


some guy – St. Henry District High School, Kentucky: can smoking a joint be a form of birth control

Dr.Ruben Baler
: I am not aware of any evidence that suggests marijuana would be a viable mode of birth control.
thanks for the question.

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