‘Spell Block Tango’ Is The Disney Villain/Chicago Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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 Spell Block Tango  Is The Disney Villain Chicago Mash Up You Didn t Know You Wanted Amber Riley as Ursula Spell Block Tango 2013 jpg

As a child of the ’90s, obviously I love Disney movies. I still own them in those old plastic VHS cases and occasionally listen to the soundtracks in my everyday life. While the Disney obsession has gone a little too far among my generation, as we reimagine the princesses as anything and everything from coffee baristas to headless horsemen, I still love a really well-executed Disney mash-up, especially when it involves Broadway show tunes. Extra points if the mash-up passes over those overexposed princesses in favor of the underappreciated villains. Let’s face it, the villains are often the most entertaining part of the movie. Sure they might be sociopaths, but at least they’re snarky sociopaths.

“Spell Block Tango,” by Broadway performer / American Idol alum / YouTube sensation Todrick Hall, imagines various classic Disney villains as characters in the musical Chicago. If you’ve never seen that show or the movie adaptation, first of all, you should fix that immediately. But second of all, “Cell Block Tango” is a number in which the women on murderess row sing about why they committed murder and how it was totally justified. You know, just typical jazzy murderer stuff.

If all that information isn’t enough for you, what about if I tell you that Captain Hook is played by Adam Lambert and Ursula the sea witch is played by Amber Riley? Or what if I tell you that the Queen of Hearts dances with shirtless men with playing cards painted on their chiseled chests? Yeah, I thought that might convince you.

As a bonus, if you’re still looking for a Halloween costume, might I suggest rounding up a group of friends, dressing as sexy Disney villains and walking around with jail bars attached to the front of you as you drape yourselves around them seductively? You’ll have to move around the party together, and people will probably hate you for bumping into them with huge metal bars, but you’ll look super cool and very topical.