Listen To One Guy Sing Every Disney Song In Under A Minute

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Almost every ’90s kid can belt out a Disney song on command. Whether it’s from Aladdin or Lion King, you always have one in you, ready to go. Well Chad Neidt has more than one, he has them all. Yep, that’s right Chad Neidt has ALL THE DISNEY SONGS. And he can sing them for you on his guitar in under a minute.

Don’t believe it? Well, the proof’s in the video. Watch it and you’ll see him do it. You’ll also see your entire childhood race through your mind as he jumps from one song to the next.

Where were you when you first saw Beauty and the Beast? How about Little Mermaid? Which Disney princess did you dress up for as Halloween? I was Cinderella when I was 2. Lame, I know. Thanks mom for making that horrible choice for me. #Regrets.

Like this #OneMinuteMashup? Well Chad has a lot more on his channel. Like this awesome ’90s one-hit wonders mash-up or this boy band mash-up. However, I’ll warn you that before you start listening, that you’ll get about 100 songs stuck in your head at once every time you click play. Enjoy!