I Drank Dirty Lemon, a Collagen-Infused Bev, for a Week and My Skin Literally Started Glowing

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I will do anything in the name of skin care. Literally — I've switched up my birth control, patted my face with raw honey on a lemon, and tried every cleanser-exfoliant-mask combination on the market, all in the pursuit of blemish-free skin.
So it should come as no surprise then that as soon as trendy drinks involving collagen as an ingredient started sweeping the Internet, I was immediately intrigued. Could collagen really be the thing to save my skin? I was skeptical of any kind of drink that self-labeled itself as detoxifying but something about Dirty Lemon pulled me in. Call me a sucker for cute, aesthetically-pleasing packaging if you want, but the more I researched Dirty Lemon, the more I felt on board.

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Firstly, this isn't your typical cleanse that requires you to only ingest juice for what feels like the rest of your life (even if it's only a few days). Dirty Lemon requires you to drink only one bottle today and comes in a package of six so that you're set almost the full week. You can eat and drink whatever else you want in addition. The drink I chose, [skin + hair], which was specifically formulated for glowing and youthful-looking skin and hair, was unaffected by the other things I ingested. I still saw amazing results, particularly in my skin, even if I was snacking on cookies and having pizza for lunch.
The self-proclaimed beauty elixir lives up to everything it promises. Its active ingredients include filtered water, 100% pure lemon juice, shavegrass, red clover, cayenne, and hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides. Curious as to what hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides are? Dirty Lemon uses collagen peptides — a protein vital to the body — sourced from fish scales, as it is a more sustainable option than beef or chicken, thanks to its bioavailability. Collagen hosts myriad advantages, such as skin and hair revitalization, reduction of joint pains, a boosted metabolism, an increase in muscle mass, and an upsurge in energy.

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Can you see why I wanted to try it? Better skin and more energy are just two of the reasons why I was game to guzzle a cayenne pepper-infused drink. I'm happy to report I saw pleasing results in both areas: Not only was I feeling “prettier,” but also felt more alert than ever, and even decided to forego my daily nap. (Yes, I'm 25 and I take a daily nap.)
My skin felt great (Dirty Lemon said it would, after all, it targeted elasticity of the skin), looked great (another result Dirty Lemon promised due to the collagen), and prompted many reactions from family members and friends. “Your skin literally glows,” my mom — whose opinion is the only one that matters — told me at the time. A close friend of mine proclaimed that I looked like I just came from a romp in the sack. No, dear friend, you should know better. This is a post-collagen glow, not a post-sexy time one. Other formulas include [sleep], [detox], and [energy], which all vary in their ingredients.

Some evidentiary support that my skin looked damn good after six days with Dirty Lemon

Final thoughts: It's a steep price to pay for six bottles. For $45, that comes out to $7.50 per bottle. While that's not much different than the price you'll pay for individually-sold detoxes, it's a little heady for me to pay $45 per week every week just because it clears up my skin. Because I'm obsessed with what the [skin + hair] formula did for my beauty (I mean, GLOWING, literally GLOWING), I've committed to purchasing the six once a month. As for the price's sustainability, I just can't afford to drink it every week… though I wish I could. Admittedly, I attempt to align my arrival of Dirty Lemon with either my period or my week of PMS, as that's when I tend to break out most. Drinking [skin + hair] massively helps in combatting my premenstrual acne, which is a result I'm perfectly okay with.