Demi Lovato Rocks A Partially Shaved Head, Reminds Us She’s The Absolute Coolest

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Demi Lovato shaved head pink hair March 2014

In case you're not already crossing your fingers hoping it's not too late to declare that you want to be Demi Lovato when you grow up, just take a look at her new hairstyle. She'd already dyed it hot pink (color snobs might call it magenta) earlier this year, but that patch of hair behind her ear must have just been bugging her too much, because she shaved it off yesterday. I'm slightly obsessed with it for a few reasons. One, she didn't feel the need to get it done in front of a huge audience like some people we know. Two, OMG it looks so cool! And most importantly, Demi seems to really love it.

Demi tweeted a few photos of the look on Twitter yesterday, adding “IDGAF #NEONLIGHTSTOUR.” It would have been even cooler of her to just shave the letters IDGAF into that section of her hair, but I suppose we should just take this stuff one cool thing at a time. Also I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best person to ask for coolness advice. I can recognize it pretty well when I see it, and Demi Lovato definitely makes the cool sirens go off. But if you want suggestions on how to up your coolness, it's best to stay a few miles away from me. Unless you want to start wearing acid wash jeans and bucket hats.

Demi Lovato shaved hair March 2014

What's especially interesting about Demi's new style is that I get no “uh oh” vibes from it. Shaving one's head in Hollywood has become synonymous with downward spirals and cries for help. Britney Spears famously did it. Amanda Bynes did it. But when I look at Demi's style all I can think is that she looks super happy and confident. Here's hoping she's doing well and that all the girls who will inevitably copy this style don't wake up in a cold sweat the next day feeling regret. Let us pray for them.

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