Harper Beckham Was So Cute At Her Mom’s Fashion Show, She Defrosted Anna Wintour’s Heart

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David Beckham Harper fashion week

No matter how many times I see David Beckham and his baby daughter Harper Beckham in a photo together, I always clutch my chest and marvel at how warm my heart is. If it were winter right now, I wouldn't even need a furnace. This photo is no exception. If you thought seeing David and his little girl at a sporting event was cute, the part of your brain that processes cuteness must be exploding right now. Because it's a scientific fact that a man looks approximately seven times more attractive if he's wearing a well-fitting suit, and a baby looks approximately seven times cuter if she's all dressed up for her former-pop-star mom's fashion show. That's why the Beckhams gave Harper the middle name Seven. To reflect this foolproof mathematical rule.

David and Harper got all dressed up for Victoria Beckham's show at New York Fashion Week, and Victoria generously shared the above photo on Twitter, because she knows what the people want. She knows people show up to her fashion show, watch politely and patiently as the models do that strut thing, clap enthusiastically, and then immediately ask whoever's sitting next to them where Harper is. Is she doing that adorable top bun again? Has she given her daddy a kiss yet? They should really put signs up with arrows or something.

A precious father-daughter moment was even captured in an Instagram video by fashion editor Miroslava Duma. I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible to look at David Beckham smiling at his daughter and not smile yourself. David Beckham smiles are just as contagious as yawns or colds. Even Anna Wintour, who's rumored to be made of literal ice that has to be chipped away every week to touch up that haircut, couldn't hide her smile. And then she immediately realized the warmth in her heart was making her face ice melt and she immediately ran to the bathroom to touch up with the cool setting on her hair dryer.

(Photo: Twitter)