I Double Dog Dare You To Watch David Beckham Kiss Harper On The Kiss Cam And Not Smile

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Harper Beckham David Beckham Kiss Cam hockey game may 2013

No matter how badly your day's going or long this 4-day week already feels, this video of David Beckham kissing Harper Beckham on the kiss cam will make you smile. And if it doesn't, you're probably a dementor. Or at the very least the kind of person who talks loudly on her phone while riding on public transportation. Despite the fact that David Beckham retired from playing competitive croquet last week, he seems to eager to stay active in the sporting world. Which explains why he ended up taking his daughter Harper — and the rest of his family– to a hockey game last night in LA. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise came too. But since Suri Cruise refuses to get Foursqure and update us with her whereabouts, I cannot confirm that fact.

While watching this hockey game, the notorious kiss cam spotted Harper and David in the stands (the bleachers? the seats? the butt holders?) and narrowed in on them. Rather than play coy, David took the opportunity to remind us that he can still bend it like Beckham and went in for the kill. The kill, in this case, being a lovely kiss on his baby daughter's cheek. And then (yes, there's even more play-by-play of this video than you imagined) Harper saw herself on camera and went wild. For herself.

Let's not act surprised. She's Posh Spice Jr. We would all feel slightly uncomfortable if she didn't exhibit a healthy self-esteem at a young age. Not only is she destined to be the breakout performer in a lady band at some point in the next 15-17 years, but she's also related to Romeo Beckhamas in Romeo Beckham: the Burberry Model. There's no reason for her to pretend that it's not exciting to be her. And I promise you that she gets so excited that you're going to get excited. It's adorableness wrapped it cute with a sooo-preciousss bow on top.

P.S – Unless you have a thing for non-famous strangers kissing, skip ahead to 1:10. Either way, no judgement!