Cutegreggator: Animals Riding Bikes In Honor Of The First Day Of ‘World Naked Bike Riding Month’

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Naked Bike Riding Month June 2012 dog riding bicycle

Yes, this is a real thing. I know, you have tons of questions; so did I. Luckily, the World Naked Bike Riding website offers a handy FAQ section consisting of 55 questions, no one less necessary than another, including “What if I'm not conventionally attractive?” and “Isn't public nudity offensive?”

But even better, the first question was the first one that popped into my head too: Isn't naked bike riding, um…a little uncomfortable? Nay! According to the unintentionally hilarious soul who composed this ever-so-helpful guide,

“Surprisingly, for both women and men, riding naked isn't especially less comfortable than riding clothed. When riding with clothes on you're often rubbing against the seams, so in some ways naked riding is comfier! Ride routes will often be chosen with less experienced cyclists in mind, so will avoid hills and be more leisurely in pace, increasing comfort.”

Yeah…not sure I'm buying it. But in any case, in honor of this beloved celebration and naked bike riders everywhere, I give you: cute animals (technically always naked) riding bikes. Much preferred, I think, to pictures of human naked bike riders.

But in case you are thinking about participating (there's one next Saturday), I leave you with some inspirational words from World Naked Bike Riding website FAQ guy:

“People should not avoid getting naked in public or at home because of their fear of pedophiles and perverts or prying neighbors who want to clog up the courts with frivolous lawsuits. Who wins when you change the way you live out of fear? Think about it.”

Amen to that.