Crushable’s Best Of Last Week

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Crushable s Best Of Last Week DanyaFrank2 379x445 jpgIn case you’re spending your 4th of July weekend indoors catching up on gossip (we don’t judge!), we here at Crushable have compiled a list of the best posts of the week. This way you can go back to the grind Tuesday super-knowledgeable about the hottest entertainment news, the coolest summer styles and the weirdest habits of single guys that you just can’t ignore. Enjoy!


• We discovered some more spoilers and behind-the-scenes drama about this season of The Bachelorette: Mainly that Frank Neuschaefer wanted to go home but the producers of the show stopped him, that he’s going to leave Ali Fedotowsky in Tahiti, and that Ali gets engaged anyway (probably to Roberto Martinez).

The Liars told us they were more Team Edward than Jacob, but they’re more True Blood fans, anyway.

• Speaking of the Twilight: Eclipse frenzy, did you know that we decide our Supreme Court justices based on where they fall on the case of werewolf v. vampire?

• And in case you had some questions yourself about some of the mythology of the Twilight saga, we asked and answered your burning questions.

• We saw James Franco‘s homoerotic short The Feast of Stephen, watched his triumphant return on General Hospital, and spoke to his mom, Betsy Franco, about what it was like acting with her son.

• The trailer for the second season of Jersey Shore looks amazing. Four instances of “I’m in Miami, bitches!”, which, for a teaser clip that’s 2 minutes long, means that we can expect our favorite cast members to bust out that phrase once every 30 seconds.

Johnny Weir had a birthday party and we were invited!


• We told you the appropriate dress code for office summer fashion in our weekly Wear This, Not That.

• But when our own Drew Grant went rogue, she ended up in The New York Post.

• We’re offering our readers a chance to win a pair of Lindsay Lohan‘s leggings.

Taylor Momsen‘s heels are slightly ridic. But at least she makes money in them.

• We asked: Would you wear Converse sneakers that had characters from The Hills on them? Unironically?


• 5 things we can’t tolerate in single dudes.

• Our Relationship Ninja Kat Rosenfield gave advice to a 23-year-old virgin.

• How do you get rid of that ex who just doesn’t take the hint? Read our weekly 101 to find out!

• We also told you how to cope with your friend who is a little too obsessed with dudes.

Other Stuff:

• New York saw both literal cat burglars and hot Russian spies this week. Who would you rather chill with?

• We asked you to decide what famous people to invite to our pretend 4th of July party.

Ashton Kutcher is now our official president of “pop” culture. Great.

Twilight now has its own Choose Your Adventure 8-bit game.