Crushable’s Best Of Last Week

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From Jersey Shore to American Apparel, from weird ketchup packets to dealbreakers that aren't really dealbreakers, this week had a lot going on. Lets take a look at some of our personal favorite posts here at Crushable from the last couple days.
• We talked to Danya Proud, friend of Bachelorette contestant Frank Neuschaefer who makes him sound awesome.
Nick Jonas joined the cast of Les Mis in London!
• We gave you the low-down on the new Footloose star, Kenny Wormald.
• Want to know what's popular on the other side of the pond? Check out Crushable's guide to England's pop culture.
Callie Thorne from Rescue Me gave us the scoop on her upcoming part on Californication.
Vinny from Jersey Shore confided to us that he doesn't mind posing shirtless for the queer issue of the Village Voice.
• What exactly are “straight girl drag queens?”
• We analyzed Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka‘s fall from grace.

• We debated whether not wearing makeup was an anti-fashion statement.
• What trends are stupider than Silly Bandz?
• If you design your own dress for us…there's something in it for you.
• Would you wear clothes designed by Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino?
• So American Apparel's employee handbook isn't all that bad.
• Crushable gets the scoop on threesomes with theater directors. Hey, it happens!
• These things are NOT dealbreakers, ladies!
Nikola Hasler tells us about her experience with Planned Parenthood in the digital era.
• Oh man, sexting got boring. But people still do it.
Other Stuff:
• Are Hos Misting Hos the new Bros Icing Bros?
• Or is it Girls Busching Girls?
• Our Ketchup packets are trying to make us do bad things.
• Here's how not to quit smoking (if you're that determined).
• It's scary to see what celebrities will look like in 20 minutes.