Your Fave Web Celebs Have Crushes Too! Taryn Southern Finds Out Who Likes Who

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We couldn't send YouTuber Taryn Southern to VidCon and not have her ask the celebrity attendees who they're crushing on! It's in our name, for one. Plus, you imagine that YouTube is this huge, loving online community of people who all want the same thing. Of course they've supported one another before they became household names; and with events like VidCon — which just wrapped its third year — they get the chance to party in-person. Jenna Marbles, Kassem G, and Felicia Day are names that pop up several times in this video, but you might be surprised to hear who is nursing a crush on these famous folks.

Not surprisingly, Taryn herself made quite a few celebs' crush lists. And why wouldn't she? She's adorable and will battle her way through a three-day con to make you feel like you're right there alongside her. She brings you con survival tips from the experts, and now maps a big web of who's crushing on whom. Keep that in mind the next time you're watching Annoying Orange or Geek And Sundry's videos.