The Many Ways You Can Stalk Us On Social Media!

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In this day and age, there’s no shame in being a stalker…at least not the social media kind. Instead of simply stalking our website like the entertainment junkie that you are, why not get your Crushable fix from each of our social media outlets? We’re sure you've already liked our Facebook page (if not, hop to it) but you might not know that you can access everything Crushable four more ways!

Just like our website, our Twitter feed is frequently updated so you never have to go a second without your favorite celebrity gossip. Instead of getting yourself arrested trying to follow your favorite celebrity home (we know, you were just trying to give Miley Cyrus haircut) let us do the dirty work for you.  In addition you’ll get the chance to read our wonderfully witty commentary that often poses life-altering questions such as:

Speaking of life-altering, you should definitely go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel which features our first ever video series: Infamous With Taryn Southern. Each week the talented and hilarious Taryn Southern will pay tribute to celebrities who are infamous for things other than their most recognized talents. She's already covered amazing topics like  Top 5 Remarkable Celebrity Vaginas (yup) and this is just the tip of the Titanic-sized iceberg.

Now that we're gettin' all fancy, we've even got a  Pinterest account that features boards covering everything from our Crushable 25 to The Hunger Games. Pins also give a behind-the-scenes look at the Crushable Staff: recipes we’d cook if we took time off from stalking celebs, what we find hysterical, or pins like this awesome tank that we’re lusting after because we’re in love  with the 90s. If that doesn't sell you, there’s an entire board dedicated to Channing Tatum. You’re welcome.

Last but certainly not least,did you know you can follow us on Tumblr? Well now you do, and therefore have no excuse. How can you pass up on adorably funny shit like this:

Just in case you got overwhelmed by all of this awesomeness, here's a quick link round-up for ya:  YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  Please, join us in being unapologetically pop culture obsessed. Who knows, you could bring your friends, we could bring our friends…maybe even be friends?

Photos: Screenshot: @Crushabledotcom