Crushable 25 Poll: Who’s Your Female Athletic Crush?

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By now I'm sure you're familiar with our annual hot-list of 25 Crushable Guys Under 25. If not, here's the lowdown: our 25 Crushable Guys  Under 25 is  a list that we compile using our expert opinion and tireless hours of research. The end result is a go-to list of hot young male stars: from actors to athletes, even YouTube sensations. Basically everyone who will be huge in the coming year.

Well move over guys because this year, for the first time ever, we’re expanding our scope and including our girl crushes-25 girl crushes under 25, to be exact. I'm sure you've already voted for your Top Tween Girl Crush and your favorite Songstress, but today we need your input on which of these female athletes will be the next big thing.

After much deliberation we've carefully selected five awesomely badass ladies, each already with huge fanbases.  Now we want to know who has enough fans to be the next Shawn Johnson or Mia Hamm.

Out of these 5, only one will make it to our official “girl crush” list… And if history is any indicator, our pick will be the breakout athlete to watch this coming year.

Want to see your favorite athlete make it to the next level? Spread the word, and cast your vote today!

Need a refresher on these ladies? Click the buttons below to meet your choices!

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