Let’s Get Real: How Can We Make Crushable Even More…Crushable?

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cats working on computers Dear Crushable Fans, Crushable Hate-Readers And North West,

We just realized today that it's been over a year since we last checked in with you to see how we're doing. Considering the fact that we've written about Jill Duggar's wedding 16 times in the last week alone, that seems crazy. Mostly because we love you! More than we love allllll the celebrities and scandals and fakelationships and side-hug snarking in the world combined. I know, I know, that's a LOT of love. Almost as much love as Kanye West bestows upon himself each morning when he wakes up and remembers that he's Kanye West. THE KANYE WEST!

Seriously though, seeing your comments on our posts makes our day. Even if the comments aren't positive. Scratch that, especially if the comments aren't positive. Nothing gets us more jazzed than reading that we're the worst. (And that we need to go back to journalism school and also die and also pray for forgiveness and also kill ourselves.)

So with that in mind, we wrote this post for you to go comment crazy! Here's your chance to tell us what you like about Crushable and what you want to see more of on Crushable. Is there something big that we're not covering? A celeb we should be talking about on the reg? A TV show we need to start covering? TELL US! Help us help you to love Crushable even more. There's nothing off limits and we'll do our best to answer everything you ask.

Provided it's not like, “remind me again where Alexis lives” and “how can I force Jill to watch Lifetime movies with me in my basement?” And yes stalkers, that image above is from our office. Did we ever tell you we were cats?

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