Crushable Quotable: Zach Galifianakis and January Jones Do Not Get Along

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January Jones just learned the valuable lesson not to bullshit where Zach Galifianakis is concerned, because he will call you out on it. In a recent piece about his rise to fame thanks to Between Two Ferns and The Hangover, the interviewer mentions that Jones called Galifianakis one of the most naturally funny men she had met. Galifianakis thought she must be mistaken.

“That’s really funny because, if I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other. It was crazy. I was at a party — I’d never met her — and she was like, ‘Come sit down.' So I sit at her table and talk for 10 minutes, and she goes, ‘I think it’s time for you to leave now.' So I say, ‘January, you are an actress in a show and everybody’s going to forget about you in a few years, so f*cking be nice,' and I got up and left. And she thinks that’s funny?”

And when asked if he'd consider doing a sex scene with her, he said, “I wouldn’t want to. I’d hate it. I’ve only had to do a few of those things where you have to kiss and stuff. It’s so embarrassing.” Gotta love honesty!