Crushable Quotable: Tina Knowles Spreads For ‘V’

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Though Beyonce‘s mom and pop may have shown the world that they were too busy to divorce last week, Tina Knowles can always make time for some free publicity for her clothing line.
For the latest edition of V, Tina sat down and explained her shopping habits, which tend to air on the side of expensive frivolity.

The 56-year-old admitted to once spending a whole paycheck on a suede jumpsuit, but said, “I have worn the same Chanel jacket for years.

Later on, Tina declared:

I may be a proud grandmother, but I don’t want to look like one.”

If you keep skipping court hearings Tina, there's only one color jumpsuit you're going to need, and we don't think Chanel makes them. (Though Lindsay Lohan has tried to convince them otherwise.)