Crushable Quotable: Julia Roberts’ Niece Says She Hasn’t Benefited from Nepotism

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Julia Roberts‘ niece and Eric Roberts‘ daughter Emma Roberts, is starring in the new film The Art of Getting By. At the tender of age of 20, Emma is already being hailed as one to watch in Young Hollywood. But she insists that her famous last name and even more famous relatives aren't the reason she's now famous.

“A lot of people think that and they talk about nepotism which I think is so ridiculous considering it's obviously not true, because I've auditioned for so many things and never gotten the part,” Emma told PopEater. “Also it's like, you know, maybe someone can get you one part but they can't really get you ten parts.”

Here's the thing, Emma. It is true that your connections can't get you every single role out there. But the reason you have an agent and that you get sent on those auditions in the first place has a whole lot to do with your last name. Saying that nepotism doesn't exist because you only got some of the roles you auditioned for instead of all of them is sort of like saying Alex Rodriguez isn't a good baseball player because he doesn't hit a home run every single time he touches a baseball bat. If you want to try and play the “I got in the door because of my connections but now accomplish stuff on my own” card, perhaps you should give Oscar winners Sofia Coppola, Jeff Bridges, Michael Douglas, or Anjelica Huston a call.