Crushable Quotable: In Time Star Amanda Seyfried Jokes About Blue Valentine

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Crushable Quotable  In Time Star Amanda Seyfried Jokes About Blue Valentine Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried jpgWe keep finding reasons to have so much respect for Amanda Seyfried. She’s not ashamed to admit that she goes to therapy for panic attacks, or that she takes Lexapro. And when asked about how she and Justin Timberlake developed the chemistry for their romance in the new film In Time, she cracks a pretty funny joke:

We dated. We started dating the first day of rehearsal. Bought a house together.

It’s a throwaway moment in the larger set visit, but it still struck us. Amanda is referring, of course, to the emotionally draining process through which Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams prepared to play an unhappily married couple in Blue Valentine: They had to live together for months prior to filming, with director Derek Cianfrance giving them daily instructions to pick fights or try to entice each other into sex.

It’s great when actors can have a sense of humor about other movies… especially when those movies have nothing to do with theirs. In Time is a dystopian thriller where time is literally the currency; Justin’s character Will Salas is given hundreds of year’s worth of minutes by a mysterious man (Matt Bomer) and uses his new cash to infiltrate the high life. That’s where he meets, and kidnaps, Amanda’s socialite Sylvia Weis.

In Time comes to theaters October 28.