Crushable Quotable: Henry Cavill Is As Much Of A Superman Fan As The Rest Of Us

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Obviously Henry Cavill is having the time of his life shooting Man of Steel, Zack Snyder‘s Superman movie. After all, he gets to perform awesome stunts, work with Amy Adams and Russell Crowe… And even with the whole Sucker Punch mess, Zack Snyder is still an imaginative director who brings out fantastic performances. But above all, Henry is genuinely psyched; you can tell that he's a true fan.

At a press junket for his forthcoming film Immortals, he shared just how special it was for him to embody the famous superhero. He talked especially about the iconic suit and the various prototypes he tried on until they found one that fit:

“[T]he first time I had it all on with the cape, I deliberately didn’t look in the mirror as it was going on. I wanted to have that sort of turnaround moment. Probably one of the best moments of my life, to turn around and realize that I’m Superman. There’s no other feeling like it. That still hasn’t gone, either. Still, when I’m in the trailer, I’m going, ‘This is so cool!’”

Aww! As we've said before, Henry is a bonafide geek, which is really the kind of guy that we want to see playing superheroes. You know, someone who grew up reading the comics as opposed to flicking through the latest issue once his agent hands him the screenplay.

You would think it would make more sense for a post about the Superman costume to feature Henry in the Superman costume. But you already know what that looks like! So instead, here's a photo of him shooting the movie's one shirtless scene. (You're welcome.)