Crushable Quotable: Brad Pitt Has A Great Idea For How To Judge The Oscars

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Brad Pitt seems like a painfully obvious choice for a celebrity crush, but what with all the funny and charming things he says and does, he pretty much leaves us no choice. On last night's episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Brad talked about the Oscars. Specifically, his fool-proof plan to fairly judge them:

We should just put a trophy on the table, and like one of those card contests, we should all just put our hands on it, see who can hold it the longest. The last man standing takes the trophy. Hands on the Oscar.

“That is the most awesome idea I've ever heard,” Jon Stewart replied, and I agree. But who would win Best Actor? Gary Oldman might give him a run for his money, but I'm pretty sure Pitt possesses the combination of peak physical condition and mental fortitude needed for this kind of contest.

(Via Vulture)