Crushable Quotable: Beauty Advice from Tina Fey

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No matter how hilariously self-deprecating, you'd have to be blind to not recognize that Tina Fey looks fantastic. Indeed, Fey has an entire chapter in her book titled, “The Secrets of Mommy's Beauty,” full of thoughtful advice…in her own way. Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. On hair: “If I didn't have time…I would stand in front of our giant air conditioner and let it blast my hair dry.”

2. On skin: “The Three Secrets of Great Skin are Moisture, SOOTS (Stay out of the Sun), and Be Italian.”
3. On manicures: “Your fingernails look healthy and fresh, and the shiny varnish will help hide the little particles of garbage and human feces that city dwellers are slightly covered in!”
4. On eye cream (and Monica Lewinsky): ” ‘You're supposed to gently pat it on with your ring finger.' I demonstrated. ‘Oh, really?' Monica asked with a level of interested and gullibility that explained a lot.”
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