Crushable Quotable: Angelina Pivarnick Says The Situation Is Gay, I Say She’s Bitter

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Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick hasn't gotten much press since leaving the show for the second time, so she's relying on talking shit about other cast members in order to stay relevant. This time, the subject of her ire is The Situation, whom Angelina knew before going on the show (they're both from Staten Island and dated before becoming Seaside Heights housemates). She told Popeater, “I think Mike is gay. I think he's gay because of the way he talks and the way he abuses girls. He talks down to women.”

Angelina's theory doesn't make any sense to me. For one, being disrespectful to women doesn't mean you're gay – it means you're disrespectful to women. The fact that Mike is rude to his hookups and calls women “sluts” has more to do with his personality and issues with gender roles than it does with his sexuality. Being a douche is not the same thing as being gay, and frankly this old “men are gay because they don't like women/think women are icky” is as tired as The Situation's schtick.

I don't think Sitch is gay. I do think that Angelina is desperate to stay relevant and keep her name in the press, and I think she's jealous as hell that all the people who didn't quit the show to go be with their married boyfriends became famous and rich, and she didn't. Unfortunately, Angelina lives in a world where questioning someone's sexuality is a kind of insult, and that's way worse than kicking out your one-night stand the next day.