Crushable Questionnaire: Arjun Gupta

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Crushable Questionnaire  Arjun Gupta 91905670 142x200 jpgAnswering today’s Crushable Questionnaire is Arjun Gupta, an actor who’s short-lived gig on Nurse Jackie in Season 1 scored him a full-time role on the show in Season 2. In honor of the show’s second season, which premiered last night, we asked Arjun to answer our questions. Here’s how he stacked up:

1. Whose job would you like to steal?

I heard of this guy who tastes ice cream, and he uses a solid gold spoon so it doesn’t influence the taste of the ice cream. That would be kind of cool to do for a couple days, taste stuff and carry around this gold spoon.

2. What’s your backstory?

Born and raised in Tampa, I lived for one year in India, so I’ve spent most of my time in Tampa. I grew up with two older sisters. I’m a Florida boy. I don’t really like shoes, I don’t like tucking in my shirt. I came to New York six years ago and I’ve been here since.

3. Everyone has a “thing.” What’s yours?

My buddy calls me “Tangent,” because I’ll be talking about something and my mind goes faster than my mouth, and then I’ll just stop speaking. Then I’ll start talking about something completely different. So that’s my thing. And I don’t really like to wear shoes.

4. Everyone also has a karaoke song. Name yours (and don’t be shy).

I’m going to tell you my Rock Band song of choice, because I don’t rock karaoke. I like to sing Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Snow (Hey Yo).”

5. Who are your biggest influences?

I take a lot of influence from my parents and my teachers. My mom and my dad still to this day teach me how to be a good man.

6. What is it you most dislike?

Complaining. Do something, don’t complain. Put up, shut up or get out.

7. What was your best date?

I had a really great date with one of my exes where we just wandered around Central Park in the summer and we found a blanket that someone had left and we moved it onto the grass and we were just listening to music and looking at everything going on around us. Then we walked around some more and got a glass of wine. It was a great, picturesque New York City day.

8. What was your worst?

I was with this British chick and we were not compatible at all, and there were definitely times when she would make what seemed to be jokes that were funny but also could have been offensive. We only had one date. And when we said goodbye it was really awkward — do we hug? do we shake?

9. When I wake up in the middle of the night its because I’ve had a nightmare that ___ .

I’ve had things that wake me up, when the dream is so real that it takes me 45 seconds to realize where I am. Like when you’re dreaming and your legs start to run, when you wake up and your legs are still moving. I’ve woken up from that.

10. I feel my best when I’m wearing ___ .

Flip flops

11. Please settle the debate: New York or LA?

New York. I love New York, I think New York is an incredible place.

12. What’s on your playlist at this very moment?

There’s this guy that I’m listening to right now, Ben Sollee. He’s a cellist and he also sings. He is incredible.

13. What are you watching on TV?

I was just watching The Colbert Report. I’m a big fan of Nurse Jackie, it’s a great show, people should watch it. I also watch 30 Rock, The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. I’m also a big Lost fan.

14. If you alone held the power to pick a boyfriend for Jennifer Aniston, who would you pick?

I don’t know. Who does she want? I’ll pick that guy for her. Maybe me.

15. Given the chance, would you rather hang out with George Clooney or Robert Downey Jr.?

That’s really tough. Obviously not knowing either one of them at all, I’d have to jump off with George Clooney because I’ve heard he’s such a prankster. That sounds like fun.

16. If you were a character on any movie or TV show, past or present, who would you be?

Maxwell Smart on the old Get Smart. I loved that show.

17. What is your drug of choice?

Not sure I have one.

18. What’s the last thing you think about before falling asleep at night?

I don’t think about a lot before I go to bed. If there is something on my mind that happened during the day, I’ll think about that, or I’ll just think about something that I’m going to do soon. I don’t have a ritual for falling asleep. I fall asleep pretty easily.