Dear Crushable Readers: Help Us Help You Like Us More

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Dog TypingHellllooooo loyal readers,

Thank you for joining us here in this interactive post! We're assuming you clicked this because you love Crushable. Or because you hate-read Crushable and have been looking for an opportunity just like this one to tell us everything that's wrong with us. Either way, I'm thrilled that you're still reading this and that you're willing to take the time to work on our relationship.

We'd hate to think that everything's going swimmingly and then wake up one day and realize that we're Amy Poehler and you're Will Arnett and that it hasn't been working out for quite some time despite the fact that everyone believed in us. No instead we'd like to be the Beyonce to your Jay-Z. Also we'd like to be in the Illuminati, but that's a feedback post for another site we run that we can't legally talk about here.

So let's cut to the chase and stop wasting any more of your valuable celeb-reading time — we want to know what we can be doing better. Is there a show we should be recapping? A celebrity we should be stalking? A celebrity we need to stop stalking? How do you feel about lists? GIFS? Photo galleries? And most importantly, how can we convince you to comment more?

We're obsessed with each and every one of you (in the least creepy way) and we want to know how to make your Crushable experience perfect. So let us know in the comments. Please?

Love always,

The Crushable Staff 

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