Crushable Books: Weedopedia

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Confession: I am not the Weedopedia‘s intended audience. I have not been, and never will be, a proper stoner. The most paranoia I associate with marijuana is the fear that everyone I come in contact with (friends, family, the occasional senator or media mogul…) smokes more pot than I do, and is therefore irrecoverably more “cool” than me. The last time I got anything close like stoned I watched someone impersonate a robot, rearrange the living room furniture, and create a television show in their head where they got to tell other people to “Get their sh*t together.” I do not need more of that in my life, thanks.

On the other hand, Weedopedia, writted by one Will B. High, is a very informative and useful book that will help me pass as a cool kid the next time I go hang out under the bleachers during a football game.

Even though books written to mimic the effects of a website like Wikipedia are as dumb as a mid-2000s Kevin Smith film, Weedopedia was surprisingly up-to-date and clever with its references. I even learned some stuff! Like under “P” where I found ou about Project MKULTRA:

“an experiment conducted by the U.S. government from the early 1950s to at least the mid-1960s and the best use of taxpayer dollars in U.S. history. The project served as a way to study the effects of LSD, cocaine, marijuana, and other psychoactive drugs on human behavior. Usually the rugs were administered without the subject's consent or knowledge…the project is especially important to know for the stoner, because if and when stoners invent time-travel technology, they should know to go back to 1953 in San Francisco and try to look as shady and forgettable as possible. Such behavior will likely result in getting picked up and given free LSD by the government.”

If this is the sort of insider-y smoke dreams that you guys like to talk about when high, this book has tons of similarly dense nuggets (LOL) of wisdom. If you are like me however, and read that entry only to get a panic attack at the concept of Big Brother administering your parents drugs, leading to an inexplicable urge to clean everything in your house and maybe touch the door handle on your bathroom five times exactly, then this book can still be useful as a way of both learning stoner culture and making sure your apartment is always especially shiny.

Weedopedia, you are a good book, and I am glad your publishers decided to send us three copies (they were high, I presume), so I can give them to a bunch of my friends and pass it off like I suddenly know a lot about chronic, kindbud, and the comic stylings Mitch Hedburg. Just do yourself a favor and rename this book “The Weed Dictionary,” because you'd have to be straight trippin' not to realize that this book is not, in fact, an Internet website.