Crushable Books: ‘I Hate Everything’

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Crushable Books   I Hate Everything  books 176x200 jpgYou know what I hate: when Tumblrs get blog deals. I hate when ideas that aren’t even Tumblrs, but are clearly concepts that are more suited for the Internet than an actual book, end up as actual books. I hate books that have three sentances per page, and then maybe some stick figures to illustrate a point. I was not a fan of I Hate Everything, by Matthew DiBenedetti.

To be fair, I did not hate this book. But if you read that halting paragraph above and thought “This sucks, I would not like to read a whole book full of phrases like these,” then you should probably not buy this book. Though it does have some cute filler (well, it’s basically all filler, but you get the point). Here is one whole page of the book:

I hate public hot tubs.
I hate the long, unslighty hairs that grow out of moles.
I hate that wool makes me itch.

And on and on and on, like your eighth grade diary. It’s almost noteworth that Matthew mananaged to fill around 400 pages with things he hates, even if there are never more than 5 items per page. But then again, if I was getting paid to right a book, I could probably sit down and think about it for awhile until I came up with a giant list of grievances (which really, are what these are, or maybe annoyances. We save “hate” in this house for people like Hitler).

Which reminds me: I hate that other people get a book deal, which I’m stuck writing on my Tumblr.