Crush This: Weeds Says Bye, Norah Jones & Rihanna Say Hello

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Crush This  Weeds Says Bye  Norah Jones   Rihanna Say Hello weeds 180x128 jpgCrush This is your weekly guide to what’s new in music, movies and TV. As Thanksgiving and the holidays creep closer and closer, we see a lot of season finales. This past Sunday was the season finale of East Bound & Down, but there were no tears in that one (Danny McBride doesn’t really do tearjerkers). This is going to be a diverse week, and we’ve got you covered on what not to miss in the magic, sex and pop music departments.

To look forward to on TV:

This Monday at 10 PM, don’t miss the season finale of Weeds. It’s gotten pretty crazy (some might even say ridiculous), and now Nancy Botwin has finale been caught by her ex-husband Esteban after being on the run all season. Although this episode looked pretty scary in the teaser trailer, I anxiously await a potential a n0-wonder-this-only-airs-on-HBO-esque sex scene.

Also, if you’ve been following The Big C you know that the first season’s finale is on Monday as well, directly following Weeds. Laura Linney‘s character, Kathy Jamison, finally told her husband she has cancer, but hasn’t told her son yet. Will she tell him? Will she finally hook up with her super hot doctor? There is only one to find out, but only tune in if you like to cry. A lot.

Once again, Glee has us biting our nails waiting for Tuesday to finally arrive. Gwenyth Paltrow guest stars on this week’s episode as a substitute for Mr. Schuester, called Holly Holiday.When she lets New Directions choose their songs, they fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Sue is substituting for Principal Figgins and it looks like she might face off with Holly Holiday. This week’s episode is just a massive shift of power, but Gwyneth covers Ceelo so we’ll definitely be tuning in.

To go see in theatres:

Today, Lena Dunham‘s Tiny Furniture is premiering in limited theaters today, so buy a ticket if you’re in the mood for a bleak comedy. The movie’s star and director documents her return to Tribeca after spending four years in hipster dreamland at Oberlin College in Ohio. She expects she’ll do something great after college, only to find herself at a lifestyle dead end. The movie is very dry, and if it can prevent itself from being too twee, looks like a lot of fun. You can watch the  Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.

On Thursday night, go see the midnight premiere showing of  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows! No amount of exclamation marks could explain how excited I am for this. It’s the new Harry Potter, so get your ticket online as soon as possible or forget about getting in. In case you’ve forgotten how magical this movie is going to be, watch the trailer again.

For your iPod:

Rihanna, thank you for your new album, Loud, which I plan to play while my friends and I are getting ready to “go out and meet cute boys” and drink bright colored drinks. The single, Only Girl (In the World), is already out. Not sure why “in the world” has to be in parentheses. Her album will be (released on November 19).

In more sophisticated news, Norah Jones has an album coming out the very same day as Rihanna. Her new album is called ...Featuring, and will have 18 songs all sung with other music legends such as Ryan Adams, Ray Charles, Belle & Sebastian and so many more.