Crush This: Natalie Portman And Kirsten Dunst Battle At The Box Office

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Crush This is your weekly guide to what's coming up in movies, TV and music. Tonight Black Swan, All Good Things, and I Love You, Philip Morris all come out in theaters. Hardest movie ticket purchase decision…ever? While I Love You, Phillip Morris may be excellent, I'm going to so boldly state that All Good Things and Black Swan will topple it. We also have what movies to watch at home this weekend…and how to get lessons on parenting straight from David Hasselhoff.

To go see in theaters:

  • Black Swan: Darren Aronofsky‘s newest psychological thriller is pretty amazing. It's like one big girl fight between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, except with beautiful ballet dancing and mental/eating disorders. Just make sure you don't bring any sharp objects.
  • All Good Things: It's going to be a tough choice between this and Black Swan. In All Good Things, Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling have what seems to be the perfect life: status, money, love, happiness. Until Ryan gets caught up in some “family business” and morphs into a man that Kirsten did not intend to marry. From the trailer, the acting seemed really good and left me wanting to know what could possibly be wrong with a perfect specimen such as Ryan Gosling.
  • I Love You, Philip Morris: Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey have been laying low for a while, but are back on the big screen and ready to profess their love…to each other? If you want to see these two actors kiss, then perhaps this is what you should go see tonight.

To watch on TV:

  • David Hasselhoff and his family's new show on A&E airs on Sunday December 5th at 10 PM. In the show, we get to watch closely as David continues to raise his two young-adult daughters, Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff. Not only should this be entertaining and weird, we will probably all pick up a plethora of parenting tips from ‘The Hoff' himself. Or at least good drink recipes.
  • As previously mentioned, ABC Family has commenced their annual holiday movie month. This weekend, The Polar Express is playing twice on Friday night, at 6 and 8:30 PM. Then, starting as early as 8 AM on Saturday morning, they are playing all of the Harry Potter movies until Sunday night at midnight…so technically until Monday. Although most of these do not even have Christmas-esque scenes, I won't complain. This just means that I won't leave my house this weekend, which is no skin off my back.
  • When I first read that Robert DeNiro was hosting this weekend's Saturday Night Live, I didn't care at all. Then I thought, is he even funny? So I watched the promo. Well the verdict is: he's not, really. This is just kind of awkward. And Diddy and Dirty Money? Who is that! Well, I'm going to give SNL a break and let this one slide…obviously they've revving up for some massive Christmas special that will make up for this “week off”.

For your iPod:

  • Although the movie Tron: Legacy doesn't come out til the 17th, they are releasing the soundtrack on the 7th of December. It's highly anticipated because Daft Punk created the score from scratch just so the movie could be extra-roboty. Even if I wasn't overly obsessed with Daft Punk, I would still go to some CD store (if they still have those?) and buy this album immediately. This doesn't really correspond with the holiday season, but the soundtrack would make for a good gift…or good background music for your own robot inspired Christmas party!!