Crush Links: Kardashian Baby Mania, Because It’s Thursday!

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Eva Longoria owns a pair of sweatpants with “Behind Obama” written on the ass. They're from Urban Outfitters, circa '07. (Celebuzz)

Christoph Waltz will host Saturday Night Live on February 16th… Prepare for a monologue full of adorably obtuse metaphysical rambling. CANNOT WAIT! (Have U Heard)

• Baby slings are in with cool moms. (The Stir)

Kim Kardashian is pre-emptively planning her baby body plastic surgery. Start checking your local listings for the inevitable E! Special that will make us want to collectively vomit as a nation. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend whom is neither a One Direction member or a Kennedy. Seriously, how are we supposed to keep up with this girl's bang book? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

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