Crush Links: Lindsay Lohan Gets To Play The Role Of A Lifetime…Herself…

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Sorry Dancing with the Stars, Charlie Sheen's Anger Management has become the new hot spot where all disgraced celebrities go for career redemption and a paycheck. (Hollywood Hiccups)

 Kate Gosselin  in a battle for relevance addresses the “haters” out there, where she is only met with silence. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Jennifer Lawrence just because you're a brunette again, doesn't mean I can't see that Post-Oscar glow. (Celebuzz)

Learn how to  live life from a gif, and no, that doesn't mean twitch one move over and over again(The Frisky)

• Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom is returning to rehab, I don't think she realizes that “rehab” is not another word for “spa day.” (The Stir)

• Dear Media, Stop trying to destroy the one good thing in my life, and yes,  I am referring to Jay-Z's and Beyonce's relationship. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Kim Kardashian shows us once again that she has perfected her “0” face for the cameras… (Have U Heard)

• Even Ryan Gosling is bashful and shy in the presence of well, himself… (The Frisky)

• Dancing with the Stars announces newest line-up, I still secretly pray for a new Hunger Games plot twist. Will the world actually weep for the loss of Andy Dick? (Hollywood Hiccups)

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