Crush Links: Quirk Alert!

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• How to dress like Jess from New Girl (Gurl)

• Um, Kate Gosselin. Please go back away. No one missed you. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Here is your hump day hottie. Spoiler alert: he's humpable. (The Frisky)

• Did you miss Amber Holcomb on American Idol last night? You did! Okay, stay calm. Watch her amazing performance right here. (Have U Heard)

• Justin Bieber's worst week ever continues. (Celebuzz)

• And in your K.Stew dating rumors today, we have her dating a //Schwarzenegger. Which I hate. But only because that's a hard name for me to spell. (Hollywood Hiccups)

• Whoa. Hold up. Is Michelle Williams already dating someone new. I can't. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

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