18 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Sayings That Were Printed on a T-Shirt

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The CW

We’ve all been there. You’re in Forever 21, trying to find something to go with your new leggings, and you see the back of a shirt that looks promising. Excitedly, you turn it around to see the front, just to be disappointed at the fact that there’s a ridiculous saying or slogan smeared on the front of it.

Why do clothing companies do this? Instead of finding a cute '90s-inspired shirt with maybe a tiny cute alien drawing on the upper right corner, you find some rhyming nonsense. The sayings rarely have any merit or value, other than the fact that it was a combination of two sayings that were trending on social media months ago. With that being said, here's a roundup of some of the cringiest sayings you can find on a tee-shirt.

1. You Had Me at Tacos


Let's actually talk about all “You Had Me At…” shirts. If we're being honest, this saying has been severely overdone. Also, we get it — we all love tacos, but let's try to have higher standards for someone “having you” than a (delicious) soft corn tortilla packed with savory fillings… ok?

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