No, You Don’t Have Cataracts–Courtney Stodden Is Actually Pretty, You Guys

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Courtney Stodden debuted a new look yesterday, causing me put down my onion bagel and actually rub my eyes in disbelief.  Now, don't get too excited–she's still rocking Body Central's latest $9.99 Stripper Special and platform shoes that probably break some sort of Guiness World Record.  But the good news is that her face no longer looks like it should star in Prince‘s “Darling Nikki” video!

Courtney Stodden was photographed yesterday while taking a leisurely stroll with her husband Doug Hutchison (or as the American Psychological Association probably calls him, “Mr. Napoleon Syndrome”).  She looked so different from the dazed stripper raccoon of yesteryear,  the papparazzi assumed she must have gone under the knife for a little plastic surgery.  Not exactly a crazy assumption, given who we're talking about here.  But Dr. Drew needn't worry about booking her for a facial sonogram to prove her face is real… because it is. 

These photos prove that the right makeup application can do wonders!  Aside from the 90's Pam Anderson wardrobe, she actually looks… pretty.  Really pretty.  Almost beautiful, even.  Still much older than the 18-year-old that she is, but much better than the damaged teen-bride-of-Chucky.

I can only assume that  Amanda “I'm doing AMAZING”  Bynes and Lindsay Lohan will see these attention-grabbing photos of Courtney Stodden and raise her a DUI hit-and-run at a nursing home or orphanage.  Keep it classy, ladies!


(Photo: Twitter)